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 Post subject: QSI Releases Qlarity 2.1
PostPosted: Thu Mar 02, 2006 3:00 pm 
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QSI Releases Qlarity 2.1 with Support for New Handheld Terminal.

Salt Lake City, Utah. 4 August 2004. QSI Corporation, manufacturer of rugged operator interface terminals, has released the latest version of Qlarity Foundryô and Qlarityô firmware for its family of award-winning graphic operator interface terminals ó the QTERM-G70, QTERM-G75 and QTERM-G55 and QTERM-Z60.

"The most significant development in version 2.1 is keypad support for the new QTERM-G55 handheld graphic terminal," said Jeremy Richards, Senior Software Engineer for QSI. "New objects have been developed specifically for the QTERM-G55, enabling the user to use screen graphics and a keypad to interface with the terminal."

Other significant new features include Multicast IP, Mutli Select / Align / Space Evenly, Object Themes, Source-level Debugging, new APIs and new objects.

* Object Inheritance ñ When creating new objects based on other objects, there is no need to copy and maintain two code bases. Simply add the unique code to the new object and all of the base code remains in the source object. Changes in the code of the source are inherited by the other objects.

* AutoHelp ñ Displays function parameters and their descriptions, suggests possible completions for object properties and methods and suggests valid values when entering function parameters on the right-hand side of an assignment statement or comparison expression.

* AutoDoc ñ A major overhaul of the AutoDoc system provides improved documentation, links to related items, tables describing parameters and enumerated items, improved formatting and sample code snippets. In addition, AutoDoc now supports keyword searching and displays Qlarity code samples and installed tutorials.

* Workspace Resizing ñ Applications created for 320?240 screens can be resized for 640?480 screens, or visa versa. Some objects (e.g. bitmaps) cannot be automatically resized.

* Multicast IP ñ allows communication between a single sender and multiple receivers on a network. The Qlarity-based terminals can now send and receive data on a multicast network.

* Mutli Select / Align / Space Evenly ñ Provides the ability to select multiple objects in your workspace and move or align them. In addition to the standard align options (top, bottom, center, left and right) there are options to make two objects the same height or width and to space objects evenly.

* Object Themes ñ Select from a number of predefined themes (colors and borders) for the objects in your workspace or create your own. Themes allow you to quickly change the look of all objects in your application with a single key press. Themes can be overridden on an object-by-object basis.

* Source-level Debugging ñ Allows you to add break points in your source code and use familiar options (resume running, single step, step into, step out, call stack) to aid in debugging your application. A watch window has been added to the Simulation view to display the current value of your variables.

* New APIs have been created to aid in drawing complex borders, using arrays, controlling draw caching and compressing and decompressing data.

* New objects for Unicode text, transparency, Ethernet TCP/IP and UDP connection and emulators that support legacy QSI products have also been added.

Qlarity Foundry is free of charge. To download and try version 2.1 of Qlarity and learn more about QSI's operator interface offerings, visit

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