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PostPosted: Tue Dec 07, 2010 12:09 pm 

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I am using a G70 Terminal linked via ethernet to a 4080 Galil Controller. I am trying to get our project/software and firmware revisions of the Galil and Q-Larity to display on the G70.
I have everything working except getting the information from the Galil onto the G70.

I am using the following command to extract the information as a string and savinfg the responce as controllerversion

Command is called

init commobject := galilcomm
init command := "^R^V"

func responsereceived(response as string)
dim controllerversion as charstr
val( controllerversion, response)

In the Globals I am setting the software/project version of the G70 and the extracting firmware with below. I am also trying to get the extracted Galil firmware information to display. However when I run the application I get a

galilcomm:gmccommandexecgetcontrollerfirmware: Bad Command

dim sUIVersion as charstr
init suiversion := "TS4.3.0"

func UpdateVersion( )
UpdateAllMLValues(mllabelUIVersionValue, suiversion )
UpdateAllMLValues(MLLabelQSIFirmwareValue, _StrToCharstr(Str ( GetVersion( ) )))
UpdateAllMLValues(MLLabelControllerFirmwareValue, controllerversion)

I then have a label called
MLLabelControllerFirmwareValue that we are trying to fill with the string responce from the Galil.
I'm guessing the responce from the Galil command ^R^V (Revision Responce) is not acceptable or I am not setting the responce correctly.
Let me know what I can do to get the Galil to send it's firmware value to the G70 and then display that.

PostPosted: Fri Dec 10, 2010 10:37 am 
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I believe Galil has it's own software for sending commands or you can using something like hyperterminal, does this command work when you use that?

I think the best place to start with this would be to look at the stream of data going to the Galil and the reply. Can you create a workspace with only this one command then run in "Simulation View". There should be a window in the bottom left that shows the data going back and forth. Can you copy this data, copy to "WordPad" and save an .rtf file (this will keep the text color). If you can post this .rtf or e-mail it to me, it may help to see exactly what is being sent to the Galil and what it is sending back.

Ron L.

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