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 Post subject: CreatemanCE example
PostPosted: Wed Aug 11, 2010 3:37 pm 
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CreateManCE is used to create .mfp files that are fed to the upgradece package manager program. More details about UpgradeCE can be found here:

The basic steps of using the application are the following:
1) Start createmance via a command shell window
2) With createmance still running, navigate to and launch your .CAB installation file
3) After the .CAB has finished installing, go back to the command shell window and hit the "enter" key to save and close createmance

In more detail, here are the instructions:

After copying the createmance.exe to your terminal, run it from the command line shell with an output filename parameter, ie:

createmance mypackage

You will see the following output:
Reading in current registry and file trees.
Install CAB file now.
Please press return when installation is done.

Now, while createmance is still running, switch to explorer and locate your .CAB file, launch it and let the CAB installation proceed as normal.

On occasion some .CAB files will attempt to install files outside of \HardDisk without your consent. If this is the case you may run out of RAM storage very quickly, and it will be necessary to increase the size of the RAM disk. In order to do this navigate to the Control Panel then click the "System" icon and the "Memory" tab. You will see that the majority of RAM is by default allocated to program memory. Adjust the slider to whatever amount you feel is necessary for your current running instance. This setting will be reset to default upon reboot.

When it finishes navigate back to the command prompt window and hit the enter key. You should see the output:

Reading in new registry and file trees.
Comparing registry settings!
Comparing file system structure!

At this point you should then have a new file inside the same folder that CreateManCE.exe is located in. In the case of our example, it would be called mypackage.mfp.

Make sure to not yet reboot or turn off your unit, as the .CAB installer may have copied files to somewhere in the RAM directory structure (outside of \HardDrive). The new .mfp file will list any such occurrences, and you can then copy these files back to your USB stick in order to assemble your .mfp installer package.

Ideally you will copy the .mfp back to your PC and edit it there. In order to understand the contents of the .mfp file, please review the upgradece documentation linked above. An example of completed custom mfp package is the TREQ-M4 compact SQL installation:

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