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G75 behaving badly
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Author:  Pierre [ Tue May 28, 2013 5:38 am ]
Post subject:  G75 behaving badly

We have a group of 5 identical systems (line 1 to 5) of which one is completely operational, meaning that its doing all we expect(Line 01).

The other 4 system are being brought up to speed and will be having all the same functions in the near future.

We have a major problem with the No.1 system and switching there G75 terminals has not solved our problem. It just comes back to that same Line 01 even with a new terminal.

After a few weeks or so of operating normally, we get a sudden black screen of death:

''FFSCheck, Flash memory… File System… Corrupted…

We reboot then it works correctly and the problem reappears but sooner... after maybe 2 weeks... up to a frequency of many times a day.

If we do a complete program download it seems to reset this thing where it will start to do this bug after maybe a month, then... the story starts over again.

What special thing I can tell you about this its that we are writing and erasing files to the internal flash disk about 20 times an hour and reading a remote Ftp directory every 30 seconds. Besides that, there is a lot of screens... but the other 4 systems that do not have this bug, have the exact same program in them without the readings and writings.

What can be done to fix this? Any ideas?


Author:  Ron L. [ Mon Jul 01, 2013 4:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: G75 behaving badly

You may want to verify if there is a difference in any of hardware an working vs. non-working units. You can look at the hardware specs under Power On Setup, Miscellaneous and Information between the units. It be interesting to compare the hardware details of each unit to see if there is something different on the failing units. Worst case scenario, you could try replacing those units failing with a QTERM-A12 panel (Qlarity version).

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